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Get displayed at the right place to grab attention of the right audiences! We are here to build more recognition, more value and more growth, just for you. Don’t wait! Call now to see yourself on GDN, Yahoo, other Ad Networks & leading portals..

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Display Advertising

Display Advertising or PPC advertising is the leading online method of marketing products and services promotion and sale. It actually works well in Google, Yahoo, and Bing where your ads become visible in the search pages and other related websites. Here Search MediaTech to takes responsibility of directing a section of the internet traffic to your website through effective promotion and advertising activities, a particular brand attains maximum visibility.

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OurDisplay Advertising Services

We offer professional PPC Services with Expert Team for both small scale and large business.

Display Advertising management is the best method to get your business listed in the top search result rankings in top search engine.

PPC Audits
Google Ad words

We Have professionals Expert Team in Google Ad Words & leading PPC advertising company in India our clientele is spread across the country with maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

Social Advertising
Social Advertising

Search MediaTech offers various different kinds of social media marketing services that can help you build your brand image among the audience in several social media sites like twitter and Facebook.

Google Ad words
Bing Advertising

Our professionals Expert Team One of the most popular Bing search engines marketing Services to find customers visiting other search engines without affecting the reputation.

Bing Advertising
Video Marketing

Today The world of digital marketing has been changed. Video Marketing Services is one of the most engagement and impression audience methods that quickly global business are looking forward to.

Display Advertising
Remarketing & Retargeting

Our professionals Expert Offer to every small scale and large scale organization emarketing & Retargeting strategies is a great way to reach out to old and new customers.

Remarketing & Retargeting
Display Advertising

Out display advertising services in a various channels. Display advertisers frequently target users with particular traits to increase the ads’ effect. it provides the maximum amount of information in a quick.

PPC Audits
PPC Audits

Search MediaTech is a ProvideDisplay Advertising management Services company and audits help people to modify the campaign depending on the project. we are preferred by businesses from around the world to manage their PPC campaigns.

PPC Audits
PPC Landing Page Optimization/Desing

Search MediaTech is Well-desing and optimization PPC Landing Page for better business and customer. Our Expert Team optimizing each element on the page in order to maximize the percentage of visitors.

PPC Audits
PPC Keyword Research

If you want to get result in clicks and conversions then Any successful Paid Serch campaign is depand on Keywords os it is an integral part search Paid marketing campaign. Our Expert can help to choose best keywords to bid on.

PPC Campaign Management

Our Approach Towards Display Advertising

Our team of professions works on various aspects to balance campaigns

  • Campaign Strategy and Structure

    Techmagnate begins with an overall strategy based on your needs and objectives. We carefully assess your target audience, and determine the best display networks and publishers needed to reach it. Targeting Expertise. Understanding your audience is the biggest contributor to success. Targeting strategies can be based on location, demographics, behaviors, or past history {for retargeting}. We analyse your audience and find the best way to target them.

  • Ad Optimization

    Display advertising needs to be visually appealing, have clear calls-to-action, and aligned to your brand. We focus on creating and optimising compelling ads to increase traffic and generate leads. We always have an eye on performance and efficiency, driving experimentation through A/B testing. Landing Page Strategy and Design.

  • On Going Evaluation

    We set up tracking for your display advertising campaigns and consistently monitor its success and improvement. We accompany each campaign with comprehensive reports and a detailed assessment.


We send a monthly and weekly report in two formats, a detailed one where you can check each and every detail about the campaign and a gist which mentions the key takeaways. After you review the report, we have a monthly reconciliation session of one hour so that we can decide on the course forward. Your dedicated resource will further answer or explain to you the confusing areas of the report.

Our Clients

Meet our esteemed clients and get inspired to be the part of our family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Search MediaTech

What are the advantages of PPC services?

  • You will gain targeted traffic with the help of PPC
  • You will be able to do geographic advertising
  • Immediate results
  • Flexible prices
  • You can track your success with the help of PPC ads
  • You can stay ahead of the competition

Why should you choose our services?

  • 24/7 management of your ads
  • Affordable PPC services
  • Efficient advertising strategies
  • Custom made solutions for every client
  • Long term results
  • No black hat techniques
  • Personalized supports

The target audience is referred to the potential customers in the market who are looking forward to buying our products and services on regular basis. Our team ensures to filter customers in the market because he plays a vital role for every organization to enjoy amazing returns on investment from time to time.

How many Top paltrom for PPC

We at Search MediaTech offers best and affordable PPC management services the top of social networking site and search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. Our PPC professional experts provided to you best solution. Get started soon to increase your traffic with expert team to maximize your sales and traffic on website.

PPC professional experts team

Our PPC professional experts team help you for analysis your business with relevant keywords by using by your competitor for success your business and brand. If you are looking PPC services with professional experts team with best solution? If yes, then Search MediaTech is the right place for your requirement and need. Our experts believe in relevant work and focus for increasing your traffic and sales.

How long it takes to find results?

AsDisplay Advertising or PPC Ads is a paid campaign, it is evident that people will end up finding the result soon after the first lead or the click from time to time.